We understand the Canadian Retail environment because we are in-store every day. Whether it be live in-store engagement, field team management, section merchandising or shopper marketing services. Influence understands how to support our clients in going from shelf to the basket.

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Payroll and HR Management


A simple and turnkey solution, our team handles the logistics around hiring qualified well-trained staff.  

Decrease your liability by leveraging a team of HR Professionals who will ensure compliance by also saving internal resource costs.

Additionally, we can provide support for the massive task of training, talent retention and performance management.

Clients we've helped:

red bull, juul, loreal luxe



Are you getting what you paid for? 52.8% of stores say workload impacts their ability to implement merchandising campaigns accurately and on time. (source: McKinsey Quarterly).

Selling in a new planogram or shelf set is only the first step towards increased sales and market share.  Often the implementation and effective upkeep of these sections have dismal compliance.  Retailers demand less of their staff and more of their suppliers / vendors when it comes to in-store refreshes and merchandising.  Without effective merchandising and field intelligence, suppliers have little leverage when negotiating with buyers and category managers.  Influence can glean these insights and support you with a broader more robust story during these negotiations.    

Let us deploy a team of merchandisers to install displays, implement planogram resets and refresh point-of-sale materials.

Clients we've helped:

juul, walmart, virgin mobile, mattel

Retail  Audits/ Mystery Shops


Do you know what your competitors are doing at retail? Are your products merchandised according to planogram compliance? Are you keeping up with industry standards? Are store staff representing your brand the way you expect them to? Is your brand standing out amongst your competitors?

If the answer to any of the above questions is not YES, you lack the necessary knowledge to win on the store floor as well as in converting shoppers to consumers.  How do you change tactics and pivot based on customer demands if you lack this information?  Field intelligence allows brands to make targeted, educated choices based on real time analytics.  With over 3,000 staff nationwide, our brand ambassadors utilize our Matrix® program management system and collect data which is posted to a dashboard, in near-real-time so clients and agency can work together. Take the guess work out of retail activation.    

Our team of data specialists will provide accurate, real-time information that allows you to make informed and timely business decisions.

Clients we've helped:

aurora cannabis, juul, freedom mobile

Shopper Marketing 


Leverage the power of increasing sales at retail by providing targeted and concise consumer touch points.

With strategies developed leveraging insights, our team will build campaigns that will showcase your brand and connect with consumers throughout every step of the shopper journey.  

Clients we've helped:

Reko pizzelles, green & blacks

Content Strategy


We understand what it takes to communicate the right message to the right audience at the right time. We begin by understanding your brand archetype, tone and style of communication. We then arrive at the appropriate content archetype that embodies your brand. Content developed through this filter can cut through the noise and compel your audience to take specification. 


Our main offerings in this area include:

  • Developing visual content that captures the voice of your brand and retains your audiences’ attention 
  • Capturing photography and videography and developing content that nudges your prospects down the sales funnel
  • Developing social media communications (posts, tweets, #hashtags, etc.) that strike a chord with your audience 
  • Publishing and promotion of your content through all platforms and channels
  • Tracking the performance and visibility of your content assets
  • Organic and paid media

Clients we've helped:


Online Contests and Promotion


Running an online contest is a fun and creative solution to increasing your consumer engagement online. We gamify the online marking component to make it exciting for consumers to learn about your brand and in turn, this helps grow your audience, your email marketing list and lastly provides important consumer analytics about your brand.

Influence can take your core business initiatives and develop an online contest, a strategy that resonates with your consumers and execute it. Along the way, we gather insightful consumer data to feed back into your marketing strategy.

Clients we've helped:

reko pizzelles,kii naturals,fireside cannabis,canadian tire,onlia, exodus travels, lactalis, astro, black diamond

Retail Events


As consumer engagement experts, Influence is able to  create meaningful in-store experiences that keep customers in-store longer, enhance their experience, and expose them to  new areas within your stores and increase basket size.

Clients we've helped:

hudsons bay, Canadian Tire, Audi, metro, Walmart

Brand Ambassador Recruitment and Training


Securing talented staff for your promotional event can be challenging. You need to make sure every event staff member is aligned with the brand’s voice and personality. Event staff are the first point of contact your audience encounters at an event, and their interaction with them can set the tone for their experience with your brand. 

That’s why at Influence, we have a being Marketing, we have a vetting process that allows us to hire the best brand ambassadors, who meet our criteria of base skills, plus we take into account special talents, past experience, and overall persona in order to best utilize their skills for your event.

Clients we've helped:

Canadian Tire, Hudsons Bay, LOreal, Fireside cannabis, Twisted Tea, GoodLife fitness, Burnbrae farms, the beer store, lcbo, Costco, Moosehead lager, Pma wines

Influence Marketing has been instrumental in concept development, programming, staff recruitment, logistics, planning, on-site management and post-event analytics for our Canadian Tire Retail National Store Grand Opening Program for the past eight seasons. They immersed themselves in our brand right away and made it their mission to understand the nuances of the program and come up with proactive ways to make it more effective. They have managed to keep our business over the years by being adaptive, flexible and staying in touch with industry trends and what resonates with consumers. Their entire team is great to work with, very responsive, creative, resourceful, passionate and results driven.

VP, Community and partnerships, Canadian tire corporation

In the ever-evolving retail landscape, Influence Marketing plays a pivotal role in the deployment of our in-store experience strategy.  The team is receptive, proactive, agile and solution-focused.

National Retail Sales Director, L’Oréal Luxe

Moosehead Lager, Hudsons Bay, Walmart, Canadian Tire, Goodlife Fitness, LOREAL LUXE, LCBO, Green & Blacks, Metro, Red Bull, Edison Cannabis Co, Huawei, Purina pro plan, Rio Mare, Hershey, Staples, EBM