our values are our north star


It's all about our people. They are our point of difference. We recognize that everyone has a unique ability. We see strength in the diversity of cultures and ideas within. When they all come together, the result is pretty clear.


You can’t do big things without it. We hire passionate people period. We channel that drive into everything we do.


Trust is the backbone of our work. We only know one way to be. Honesty is our promise to earn trust with each other, our clients and consumers.


To us, respect is just the price of entry. It’s essential to how we operate, from the way we deal with customers to the open, approachable way we work with each other. We show respect, to earn respect.


It isn’t just lip service. It’s a code we live by. We stand by our people, our word and our conduct, by doing what’s right, not easy.

our culture


Those that work at Influence become family and lifelong friendships are developed here. We all really enjoy spending time together.

influence gives back

Influence is committed to being socially accountable – to ourselves, to our clients, and to the public.  We are conscious of our impact on society and are dedicated to making positive social, environmental, and economic choices.  Our "Influence Gives Back" initiative is proud to organize corporate volunteer opportunities within our company, providing our employees the opportunity to give back to the community through various avenues.

pet friendly

You can find a dog here almost every day. Either in the boardroom, in an ideation session, catching some zzzz’s in a quiet corner, or looking for crumbs in the cafe.

diversity and inclusivity

We strive to be the change we want to see with the Influence “Diversity and Inclusivity Committee” dedicated to creating a healthy and empowering workplace for all. We are proud to work with clients who are aligned with this vision and remain committed to social responsibility, diversity, and inclusivity.

Work week

We offer flex time / personalized work week programs to support better work / life balance. So… if you like to wake up with the roosters, come on in early.


We value creativity and crazy ideas! Based on your passions and proclivities, you will be invited to join ideation sessions, where we’ve created a safe environment for free expression. All ideas welcome.

Social Committee

Want to do something non work related? Our Social Committee (made up of those who volunteer to participate) works together to plan fun and engaging events. Who doesn’t love playtime at work?


For a couple of days out of the year, we lock-up shop and all go away to mix, mingle, dance, sing, laugh and learn at our Annual Retreat. Influencers look forward to this memorable time together.


A place to brainstorm, hang out, play a few games or have lunch away from your desk. It’s also here that you can sample the craft beer of the month.


How do we show you you’re AWESOME? People at Influence work really hard (like… really hard) and deserve to be recognized. Our folks also like winning, so we’ve esablished a “Quarterly Cup” (think Stanley Cup) – you get your name on it and it’s awarded to an outstanding Influencer every quarter. The Cup also comes with the best parking spot!

me time

Rest is critical to our well-being!  We are closed during the Holidays, which provides a nice long break and a fresh start in January. We support Work-Life balance.


Yes, we work hard but we still have time to dress up for Halloween and Holly-Day (you’ll have to find out what that is when you get here). We have Summer BBQ's and a Putting Challenge. Left over bananas from an event execution? Of course that becomes a banana bread-baking contest (yes… contests are all the rage here). Everyone loves our “Pop Up Potlucks” and…. there’s always a “cold one” available to celebrate a big win.