Experiential was called in-field marketing when we got started over 27 years ago.  We were pioneers in the advancement of the Experiential practice and continue the push to consumers both physically and emotionally towards the brands we represent. We create immersive experiences that leave a lasting, and measurable impression.

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Experiential Strategy and Activation

We use consumer insights, market research and cultural trends to create consumer engagement strategies within experiential campaigns that captivate your target audience through aspects of their lives that resonate on a personal level. This can include art, music, sports, fashion, lifestyle and wellness and technology.

No matter the venue, festival, event or high trafficked location we’ll design a campaign focused on your objectives.

Clients we've helped:

The Beer Store, Moosehead lager, TaylorMade, Jameson, Canna Farms, Audi, Canadian Tire, Fireside

Event Production

A study by the Event Marketing Institute found that 72% of consumers viewed brands in a positive light when those brands deliver unique, high-quality branded events. We pride ourselves on our portfolio of exceptional consumer experiences and branded events for lifestyle brands. Our understanding of emotional triggers that help connect consumers to brands and our attention to fine detail has won us the trust of premium brands including Audi, BMW, Absolut, The Glenlivet, TaylorMade and L’Oreal.

Our event production team looks at your guests’ experience from the ground up. This includes beautiful design, relevant entertainment and multiple engagement points to keep them excited. We’ll take care of all the details from curating and managing your guest list, with our RSVP event platform to event logistics, production, AV requirements, hospitality and everything in between.

Clients we've helped:

Jameson, Audi, Absolut, Porsche, PFaff, Moosehead, RBC, BMW

Pop-up Retail

Bringing your brand to your consumers can be an effective way to drive awareness, increase consideration and drive sales through educational or entertaining content. Giving consumers the opportunity to engage with your brand in unexpected places and offering a positive experience has been shown to impact sales. Pop-up shops are taking over the retail world and rethinking traditional brick-and-mortar. The pop-up retail format allows you to personally get to know your customers to build stronger relationships; build awareness and generate media; is more cost effective than a traditional retail store and allows a brand to easily enter a new market or launch a new product.

From conception to production, location sourcing, brand ambassadors, inventory management, transacting, loss prevention, PR and promotion, content and social strategy, we’ll bring your pop-up retail experience to life!

Clients we've helped:

Holt Renfrew, Joe Fresh, Adidas

Mobile Tours

94% of consumers are more likely to remember a brand after an interactive experience with it. Mobile tours are designed with the goal to bring a distinctive brand experience right to where your target consumers live, work, play and shop; driving content and conversion and boosting brand affinity. Whether your focus in national, regional or local, we’ve got coverage and have activated in every major market (and many smaller markets) across the country. Our team can help you with vehicle design and production, permitting and bylaws, route mapping and logistics, brand ambassadors, pre-promotion, content and everything in between!

Clients we've helped:

Adidas, Holt Renfrew, Joe Fresh, Fido, Blackberry, Moosehead lager, Kahlua, the Beer Store, Fireside cannabis, Tranquini

Trade and Consumer Shows

In recent years, both trade and consumer shows have started making the shift from transactional to experiential. In order to truly stand-out, you need a well-designed footprint and a strong consumer engagement strategy.  

Whether you’re looking to generate leads, transact on site or simply educate customers, we can help develop and execute a tradeshow strategy that will help maximize traffic. Our team will work with you to design your booth and build a space that will allow you to reach your targets.

Clients we've helped:

BodyLogix, Beacon Medical, Canna Farms, Burnbrae Farms,GoodLife Fitness, Jameson, TaylorMade, Onlia

Guerilla Marketing

Guerrilla or ambush marketing utilizes unconventional low-cost strategies and tactics to get consumers’ attention and create buzz about the product or brand being marketed. It’s designed to be disruptive, provocative, and memorable. We often refer to it as“surprise and delight!” From consumer-packaged goods and beverage alcohol to movie releases and mobile phone product launches, we’ll work with you to design a campaign that hits your budget, effectively reaches your target demographic and maximizes your ROI.

Clients we've helped:

Palm Bay, BlackBerry, Obrigado, Mikes Hard, Jacobs Creek, Big House Wines, JP Wisers, Astro

Brand Ambassador Recruitment and Training

Securing talented staff for your promotional event can be challenging. You need to make sure every event staff member is aligned with the brand’s voice and personality. Event staff are the first point of contact your audience encounters at an event, and their interaction with them can set the tone for their experience with your brand. 

That’s why at Influence, we have a vetting process that allows us to hire the best brand ambassadors, who meet our criteria of base skills, plus we take into account special talents, past experience, and overall persona in order to best utilize their skills for your event.

Clients we've helped:

Canadian Tire, Hudsons Bay, Fireside cannabis, GoodLife fitness, Burnbrae farms, Moosehead lager, astro, the beer store

Product Sampling

From interactive sampling events to large-scale distribution using grassroots or guerrilla tactics, we have over 25years of experience in getting your product into the hands of target consumers.

Clients we've helped:

Ballantines, Kahlua, Beefeater, Moosehead lager, Astro, Obrigado, FRANK, TaylorMade, BodyLogix, Purina pro plan

Content Strategy

We understand what it takes to communicate the right message to the right audience at the right time. We begin by understanding your brand archetype, tone and style of communication. We then arrive at the appropriate content archetype that embodies your brand. Content developed through this filter can cut through the noise and compel your audience to take specification. 


Our main offerings in this area include:

  • Developing visual content that captures the voice of your brand and retains your audiences’ attention 
  • Capturing photography and videography and developing content that nudges your prospects down the sales funnel
  • Developing social media communications (posts, tweets, #hashtags, etc.) that strike a chord with your audience 
  • Publishing and promotion of your content through all platforms and channels
  • Tracking the performance and visibility of your content assets
  • Organic and paid media

Clients we've helped:


Charity Fundraising Events

With over 20 years in the causal marketing and fundraising events space, let us help you develop an event designed to drive engagement and fundraising efforts for your organization. Influence has produced and executed long-running events and properties both on our own and on behalf of clients/benefactors. We have an intimate knowledge of all elements of the event space from logistics down to donor experience. We’re proud to say that we’ve helped raise over 2.5 million dollars over the last 20 years for some incredible organizations, doing great work for our communities.

Clients we've helped:

REACH FOR THE RAINBOW, Right to Play, JumpStart, SmileZone, Bridgepoint, SickKids, PFAFF,

I've trusted the experiential team at Influence for over five years to deliver strong consumer experiences for my brands. They bring the concepts they pitch to life and execute strongly.


Moosehead Lager, Hudsons Bay, The Beer Store, Canadian Tire, Fireside Cannabis, Goodlife Fitness, Audi, Onlia, Jameson, TaylorMade, Diva cup, Beacon Medical, Triangle, Twisted Tea, Obrigado, Astro, Absolut, Canna Farms, Palm Bay, Rio Mare, RBC