With the goal to increase product awareness and drive trial, Rio Mare was looking for ways to reach the masses through a combination of brand education and product sampling, while ensuring the safety for the consumer and staff. In response, Influence Marketing created a COVID-19 safe footprint that adheres to the Post Promise pledge implementing the 5 key steps to ensure workplace as well as public safety allowing the brand to connect with consumers on a personal and physical level. We reinvented the way our staff interact with the public by implementing social distant communications, hands-free sampling and enhanced disinfecting measures; all in combination with protective barriers, floor markers and daily staff screening. Allowing us to do what we do best, capture the attention and respect of today’s consumer in an environment where safety is a top priority!

Adapting to the everchanging pandemic landscape we were able to bring Rio Mare and the Taste of Italy to select Metro Grocery locations across the GTA successfully and safely with our open-air sampling tour.





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