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Have a fun summer and earn money!

This summer, kickstart your marketing career with Influence Marketing! Get ready to be in the field representing big players like The Beerstore, GoodLife Fitness, Nerds Candy, and so much more. Gain fun work experience and boost your career while getting paid to do it.

why should you work with us?

work with Big Brands

You’ll get the opportunity to apply what to learned in the classroom to real-world working experiences by engaging in-field with big brands like these. 

Flexible Schedule 

Pick and choose the shifts you work to optimize and cater to your schedule.

Our Culture

You’ll be gaining an engaging, fun and valuable work experience with like minded individuals while gaining hands on skills from industry experts.

Work Outdoors 

If a desk job does not match your bubbly and engaging personality this is your perfect fit!

Frequently asked questions

Q: What does a Brand Ambassador do in their position? 
A: As a Brand Ambassador, you will represent and promote big brands like Goodlife Fitness, The Beer Store and Nerds Candy. In many cases you’ll be working in a team environment and having fun.

Q: Is Brand Ambassador a paid position?
A: Yes! We pay an hourly rate.

Q: Who is an ideal candidate for a Brand Ambassador Position?
A: We’re looking for anyone 19+ who can thrive in a work-hard play-hard environment with a passion for marketing and an enthusiastic personality.

Q: How can I apply to be a Brand Ambassador?
A: Simply click on the "Apply Now" button. Please submit your resume and cover letter showing why you're the perfect fit. Any previous experience in this field or special skills is a bonus so make sure to highlight it! For example; comfortable driving trucks, ability to lift up to 40 lbs etc.

Q: How long does the Brand Ambassador Summer Crew program last?
A: We’re looking for crew members who are able to work for the summer term from May to the end of August. However, we’ve been known to bring brand ambassadors on as full-time employees so there is potential for longer-term positions. 

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