The news of legalized cannabis led to a flurry of activity in the marketplace in Canada in 2018. As licensed producers vied for consumer consideration, VIVO Cannabis engaged Influence Marketing to help launch their new Beacon Medical brand at the marquee Lift & Co Cannabis Expo in Toronto. We designed and developed an engagement strategy, designed to build brand awareness, educate consumers and generate meaningful leads that focused around consumer and trade shows.

We learned that many LPs struggled to convey a consistent message – they were trying to introduce brands, attract investors, showcase growing capacity and discuss future innovation – leaving consumers confused. The brand’s mandate is to allow consumers to trust in Beacon Medical Cannabis and helping them effectively navigate the world of cannabis and its medical benefits. Knowing this, we kept it simple: we created an attractive footprint and pulled show attendees in with a simple ”retro candy” bar. While our BAs filled bags with treats, we introduced our guests to Beacon Medical and the product line-up. To ensure that we had the opportunity to keep the conversation going, we invited guests to enter our promotion and opt-in to hear from us in the future.



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